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Our firm is focused on our clients’ demands for an exceptional legal service model that provides value. We understand that, for clients, value is not a mere hourly rate comparison. Value means efficient processes for tracking and reporting; creative approaches to reducing legal risk; enhanced cost certainty and RESULTS.

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Legal Practice Areas

If you are accused of committing a crime, you will need the very best criminal defense attorneys in Fresno. We are especially skilled in the following practice areas

Civil Rights Cases

Forgery, auto insurance fraud, check fraud, credit card fraud, health care fraud, identity theft pretium est.

Divorce & Domestic Violence

Domestic battery, corporal injury to a spouse or cohabitant, criminal threats, child abuse. porta massa

Violent Crimes

Proceedings, wards of the court, sealing of juvenile records, rehabilitation cases where a minor is tried.

Fraud, Drugs & Insurance

Possession of substances, possession for sale, manufacturing, under the influence, diversion in semper.

Post-Conviction Relief

Health care law focuses on the legislative, executive, and judicial rules and regulations that govern

DUI Offenses

Car accidents can be terrifying experiences. Often, at least some of the people involved are injured
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Our Attorneys

Our Orange County personal injury lawyers have a long history of helping the injured. Since we opened our doors in 1986, we have negotiated and litigated to secure the best possible results for every client. Our hard work resulted in considerable recoveries.

Frequently asked questions

Client Popular Question

Do you charge for a consultation?

No, we offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case. During this meeting, we will assess your situation, provide initial legal advice, and discuss potential fees and payment structures.

What about out-of-pocket fees?

We understand that legal expenses can be a concern. At our firm, we typically work on a contingency fee basis for personal injury cases. This means you won't have to pay any attorney's fees unless we win your case. However, for other types of cases, such as family law or business law, we may discuss different fee arrangements during the initial consultation.

Who will work on my case?

Lawyer James Lenihan will be assigned to handle your case. Mr. Lenihan is an experienced attorney with a proven track record in the area of law relevant to your case.

Does it matter how long I wait to file a lawsuit?

Yes, the timing of filing a lawsuit can be crucial. Statutes of limitations vary depending on the type of case and jurisdiction, and waiting too long may result in the loss of your legal rights. It's essential to consult with us as soon as possible to determine the appropriate timing for your case.

How much can I expect to win?

The potential outcome of your case depends on various factors, including the specific details of your case, the strength of your evidence, and the applicable laws. We cannot guarantee a specific amount, but we will work diligently to achieve the best possible outcome for you, whether that involves a settlement or court judgment. We'll discuss potential outcomes during our consultation.



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