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We see you as a partner, not an employee

We Consider Every Member Of Our Team As Extraordinary.

At Lenihan & Associates,llc we do’ not only seek excellence in results, but we also foster a working environment based on teamwork, mutual respect, trustful relationships and commitment. We want everyone to feel trusted and empowered, regardless of their job role or their years of experience. Everyone’s contribution is highly appreciated and rewarded. 

We see each person as an individual and reject discrimination on grounds of sex, gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality or ethnic origin, religion, or any element other than individual merit. We apply this at every stage of our professional life. Moreover, we are extremely proud that our firm is the first and only Greek large law firm whose managing partner and majority of partners

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Why Should You Choose PowerLegalas Your Workplace?

We are different. We are not a regular employer and partner. We take care of the pleasant environment, relationships, motivations and ambitions of our people, as well as of the harmony between work and family life. 

Continuous learning and an unleashed creativity is typical for our advisors, and that is the kind of people we look for. We look for team players, but also for extraordinary individuals, who stand out from the crowd.

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With than in mind, we strive for a company culture where integration, mutual support and respect coexist. We offer to our people special benefits

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Job Summary

 lawyer specializing in Financial Regulation & Capital Markets should have a deep understanding of financial laws and regulations, excellent analytical skills, strong communication abilities, and the ability to adapt to evolving financial market dynamics and regulatory changes. They may work in law firms, corporate legal departments, government agencies, or as independent consultants, depending on their career path and specialization within the field.